Wednesday, 1 December 2010

MI2: The Movie: My review

There's no way M.I would drop an album and I wouldn't buy it the first chance I got. Picking 'MI2:The Movie' off the CD Vendor's shelf was an easy buying decision for me as I couldn't wait to find out if the 'sophomore jinx' had plagued Mr. Incredible.

On first listen, M.I's second effort didn't meet my expectations and I was quite disappointed as I was expecting a few tracks off the 'ONE' album, that still hasn't seen daylight, to make this album. I felt the Nigerian public and true M.I fans will be blessed with songs like 'Pulling Me Back', 'Let's Get Together' and 'Pyeriboy' which will, no doubt, take it back to the essence that was 'Talk About It'. But I guess Chocolate City has moved on and they expect us to move along too like "If you want the old M.I, buy the old M.I album."

However, after a few spins of the disc, I'm beginning to make a volte-face on my earlier assessment of the 16-tracker.

A lengthy intro: "Prelude" opens the album and is followed by 'Action Film' featuring the lastest C-City sign-on: Brymo. I'm still skipping this track for now. Next is 'Slow Down' which is currently on repeat in my car and on my laptop at the office. Featured artiste: Julius Ceaser delivers a lovely chorus with romantically intense lyrics "...She looks like she's a Super Model/Cover of a fashion magazine...she reminds me of nights in Paris/She knows she's the finest girl I've seen/She looks like a queen and she knows...". the song is delivered over a danceable beat and M.I's verses are on point.

'Number One' reminds me of D'banj's 'Igwe' as it appears to be targeted at M.I's eastern fans. High-life artiste: Flavour nails the chorus with an excellent igbo-laced delivery. This song probably has the best instrumentals on the album and is sure to demonstrate its power as an alcohol-assisted party banger on any dance floor.

When compared to his work on 'Talk About It', M.I loses lyrical depth on the majority of tracks on this album and this is what I've termed the 'new M.I' who has chosen to dumb down his message for the masses and for the glory of commercial appeal. Can't blame him though.

'Nobody' featuring Tuface is a great collaboration and both artistes render superb performances on a subject that touches their personal lives.It focuses on the various types of 'beef' that accompany fame and fortune for those in the spotlight. M.I raps ''Ask Timaya, ask Wande/follow you bumper to bumper on Sunday/but do you yumu yumu on a Monday...if your fine boy too much they say you turn gay/if you make too much cash they say it's '19, or its drugs or it's fraud..."

'One Naira' featuring Waje is another standout track that's also on repeat for me. 'Wild Wild West' is the expected social commentary on the frequent violence and loss of lives in Jos, the city that groomed the majority of the Choc Boys. This is where Jesse and Ice Prince should have featured instead of the forced sounding 'Represent' anthem (just my opinion, anyway).

'Undisputed' is fit for the single that it is so I'll leave it at that.

Other guests on the album include newcomers: Ruby, Bola and Kauna.

Overall, I believe MI 2 will grow on me and in a month or so I'll give it a rating, meanwhile go get yours and upload your comments. Peace.

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