Tuesday, 6 October 2009

BOOK REVIEW - Toni Kan: Nights of the creaking bed

With this collection of short stories, Toni Kan recounts the everyday experiences we choose to ignore as well as the feelings we refuse to acknowledge. These are tales of crude love, incestuous lust, infidelity, poverty, lost dreams and bizarre happenings. From the boy who is obsessed with the beautiful one who birthed him to the young one who’s desire to see the Promised Land leads to his untimely death. ‘the devil’s overtime’ tells the story of Daniel who is abandoned in a market by his mother and his transformation into an ‘Area Boy’. ‘Onions’ is a Christmas story set in poverty land and ‘Buzz’ is your classic detective story set in the rough Lagos neighborhoods. Other stories include; ‘the Phone call goodnight’, ‘the echo of silence’ and ‘age of iron’. Definitely a a good read.

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